New Feature Release: Lock Texture to Terrain in Our Archicad Plugin


We are excited to announce a new feature in our Archicad plugin: locking textures to terrain. This enhancement addresses the common issue of texture misalignment during terrain modifications, making your design process more efficient and accurate.

What’s the New Feature About?

In traditional Archicad workflows, textures are mapped from the origin (0,0). Modifying or moving terrain often leads to texture misalignment, requiring time-consuming manual realignment. Our new feature allows you to lock textures directly to the terrain, ensuring they remain perfectly aligned regardless of any changes made.

Key Benefits

How to Use the New Feature

  1. Apply Texture to Terrain: Begin by applying your desired texture to the terrain.
  2. Lock the Texture: Select the "Lock Terrain Texture" option from the plugin menu.
  3. Modify Terrain: Move or modify your terrain as needed, with the texture remaining aligned throughout the process.

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