About us


BIMTech was founded in 2015 by three university colleagues: an architect, a civil engineer, and a software engineer. Since then, we have launched dozens of tools used by over 30,000 professionals and utilized more than a million times.

BIMTech Tools

We developed the BIMTech Tools catalog and design software to accelerate project design. The synergy of structural design, GEO data, and climatic conditions significantly speeds up the entire design process.

Key Features of BIMTech Tools

However, the most important are our BIMTech Tools. They allow you to easily work with materials and compositions from manufacturers in the design software and evaluate them directly using integrated building physics calculations. The advantage of this approach is clear: the construction and material can be assessed before being incorporated into the project, reducing the need for subsequent corrections.

BIMTech Tools include: Condensation calculations, Heat transfer, Thermal bridges, Radon insulation, Screed thickness, ETICS anchoring, and other important calculations.

GEO Services

Another equally important component is GEO services, which allow the import of cadastral maps, Google 3D terrains, satellite orthophoto images, and hundreds of other geodata from open and national sources.

Climatic Data

Climatic data, which are related to map services and structural design, are also an important component.

Other Significant Products
Online Data for Production - Integration with Revit

We developed software that allows direct integration with Revit and sending data to manufacturing machines. This software ensures a smooth transition between design and production, eliminating the need for manual data transfer and reducing the risk of errors. Thanks to this integration, users can easily and quickly transfer their designs to manufacturing processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This tool is designed to be user-friendly for architects, engineers, and manufacturers, enabling better coordination and collaboration among all parties involved.

Budget Automation

We collaborate with budgeters to develop tools for budget automation, facilitating and speeding up the budgeting process. In 2019, we created an add-on for ArchiCAD, allowing users to quickly and accurately create budgets based on current data from their projects, reducing errors and increasing budget accuracy. Our solution also supports integration with various material and price databases, providing access to up-to-date information and ensuring that budgets are always current and accurate.

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